Enter Online

You will need an email address to enter online.

Young poets aged 13 – 17 entering online:

Register a new account or log into your account and upload your poems.

Adults entering on behalf of young poets 11- 17:

Young poets aged 11-12 will require a parent or guardian to give permission for the young poet to enter. Without this permission we are not allowed to keep information about the young poet, such as contact details. This is because of new data protection rules. The parent/guardian permission form can be shared online or by post.

If you are entering on behalf of one young person, please register a new account or log into your account.

If you are entering more than one person, for example work by more than one of your own children, please use our schools’ entry form.

Schools, libraries and youth groups:

Please use the schools’ entry form and include a complete list of names for the young poets you are entering. 

Entering by Post

If you would prefer to enter by post, please send your poems (with your name, D.O.B on the back your poem/s), a completed  Entry Form, or class entry form (if you are a teacher) and if required a parent/guardian permission form for 11-12 years to: FYP2018, The Poetry Society, 22 Betterton Street, London WC2H 9BX.

Winners will be contacted in September and announced in early October 2018.

Good luck to everyone who enters! We can’t wait to receive your entries.

For poetry tips check out our online learning resources for young writers.  You can also find advice, tips and interviews with poets on our Young Poets Network.

If you have any queries please email fyp@poetrysociety.org.uk.